Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Tornado Takes Part of Roof Off House

A tornado took the roof off of a local house. The heavy rains poured in and caused a ton of ceiling water damage throughout the house, especially over the children's rooms. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties was called in, and we quickly took care of the damage.

Large Tree Fell on Home Causing Storm and Water Damage

This picture shows only a part of the damage to a house from a severe thunder storm. High winds blew a tree over onto the house and tore a hole in the downstairs laundry room area and the upstairs master bedroom. Water damage occurred in the master bedroom, the downstairs laundry room, the kitchen, and put 2 to 3 inches of water in the basement! SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties was able to extract and mitigate the water and removed contents from the house so that construction could begin.

Manufacturing Plant has Storm Damage

A Severe Thunderstorm hits Melbourne, AR and does roof damage to plant. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties was called in to cleanup the mess. Around 20 thousand square feet were affected when rain water entered building. SERVPRO worked with roofing contractor to fix roof first, then we begain drying and cleaning the building.

Storm Damage to Roof of Home

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties received a call from a home owner that had sustained roof damage from a thunderstorm in the area. As a result of the damage to the home, water entered the home from several areas. After repairs to the roof, we started removing contents to our warehouse to dry. We opened up ceilings, walls and flooring to begin drying the home. Once dry we returned the contents.

Gainsville Fire Department Flood Damage

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties were asked to visit the flood damaged fire department to advise them on cleanup. We toured the facility to get an idea of the damage, and to see if we could clean and dry some of the contents. As we put together a plan to help them out, we received a call that the building had burned the night before!

Wind damage in Cotter

Bedroom with a sunroof?  After a strong thunderstorm with 60+ mph winds blew through Cotter, the ceiling was partially blown off this house. Heavy rains did additional damage. SERVPRO was called in to make it "Like it never even happened."