Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Caused By Water Heater

A fire caused by a water heater catching fire spread heavy soot throughout the house. The fire burned so hot that the fan blades in the next room wilted, and the ceiling in the utility room where the water heater was located broke apart and fell down.

Heavy Fire and Soot Damage After Cordless Rotary Tool Combusted

A fire in a local home was caused by a cordless rotary tool that spontaneously combusted. The fire destroyed the entire office it was being stored in, and caused a lot of heat and soot damage to the kitchen. Heavy soot damage was found throughout the house, even in rooms that were more than 25 feet away from the initial site of the fire.

Mexican Restaurant Kitchen Fire

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties received the call for a fire at Mexican restaurant in Harrison, AR. Much of the kitchen was destroyed and large hole in roof. Worked with contractor to repair roof, then we started the cleanup process.

Lightning Strike in Mountain Home

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties received a call from the insurance carrier of a home that had been struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. We inspected the house and found the lightning had came through roof into bathroom/ closet area of home. Smoke odor was very strong in home, we removed all burned sections of room and deodorized the home.

Garage Fire Started by Space Heater

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties were called to a home that had experienced a fire in their garage. A space heater was operating in the garage area when it caught the wall on fire and smoked up the contents of the garage. Luckily the home owner was home at the time. We removed all the contents to our warehouse to clean and deodorize.

Unfortunate Fire in Home Under Construction

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties was called to the location of a  large home under construction. A fire had occurred in the HVAC system, was extinguished quickly but left heavy soot on foam insulation and joist in home. We had to remove all that spray foam! After removal, had home media blasted.